"I love travelling. I love travelling by train in particular. I'm making my way across Europe in train after train, with the odd flight inbetween.

My travel methodology is never the same. Just as happy in a hostel with my trusty backpack as I am in a luxury hotel with Louis Vuitton trunks (if I owned any), on my own or with friends, no journey fits a template. It makes it exciting. I visit places well-known and less so, always with an open mind and the intention to enjoy myself." 

The City Chronicles trilogy is a series of travelogues relating travels taken around Europe by train. A Tale of Nine Cities and A Little Bit of Italy were released in 2011 and 2012 respectively. The last of the series, Crossing the Bosporus, will be available late 2012.

 A Little Bit of Italy

Six years after her epic trip through central and eastern Europe Deborah is off again on her travels by train. From Venice to Rome, from adoration of saints to sinful thoughts, Deborah dips into Italy's history and looks to her own future.


And a little bit more...

Once is never enough. Deborah hits the southern shores of Italy. Whether in the ruins of Pompeii of under the gilded ceilings of Caserta the history of the Bay of Naples never fails to fascinate.


A captivating, often hilarious, account of her travels, Deborah blends an entertaining mix of facts with the everyday tribulations of life. The result - a superb cocktail everyone should taste.


 Reviews for A Tale of Nine Cities

5 star review by Jenny Twist, author of Domingo's Angel

If you were hoping for a conventional travel book, you are going to be bitterly disappointed. Deborah Cater and conventional are not on speaking terms. If, however, you would enjoy a jolly good romp through some of the greatest cultural centres in Eastern Europe in the company of two healthy young women with a robust sense of humour and very few inhibitions, you will love this book.

Warning, do not read this if you have no sense of humour... 

Well-written, very funny and a very good read. 


5 star review from Stefano on Goodreads

Beautiful book! Funny, entertaining, interesting and really captivating! 

5 star review from Helen Carver on Lulu.com

I very quickly ripped through this book and at the end wished it had been longer. I loved the whirl around Amsterdam as it brought lots of good memories back for me. And as for Budapest, I may also go back there after all, because I found parts of that city very seedy but Deborah help me see there may be more to it. I thought Deborah's description of Auschwitz was particularly poignant. Even though we have all read accounts of this horror, they are usually written by people or even historians with a great deal of knowledge of this place, but Deborah's writing came straight from the heart. I liked both ladies non politically correct ideas on smoking and drinking. We all should be able to choose what we do in life. An entertaining bit of writing; well worth a read.

 A Tale of Nine Cities relates the tale of an eye-opening and inspirational trip taken by two 30 year-old friends around Central and Eastern Europe by train. Cramming nine cities in eight countries into fifteen days this was no mean feat.

Full of fascinating facts and history of the places visited this is more than a cultural travelogue. The tale is also an amusing and frank account of the adventure during which the girls face some hard facts about themselves and their differing takes on life.